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Press Kit

Thank you for your interest in OrderCode! We are a startup based in Toronto, Canada committed to creating an accessible drive-thru and takeout ordering experience for all, with a special focus on deaf and hard of hearing customers. Below you’ll find information about our company and our unique solution.

Company Overview:

OrderCode is dedicated to addressing the issue of inefficient and inaccessible ordering processes at restaurants and drive-thrus. Our patent-pending technology enables seamless communication between customers and staff, providing inclusive ordering and communication systems that improve the customer experience, increase efficiency, and reduce congestion for everyone.

OrderCode is designed to solve the communication barriers faced by individuals who are deaf, hard of hearing, have social anxiety, or speech impediments. Many of these individuals find it difficult to place orders in environments where verbal communication is required. Our solution simplifies the ordering process by converting menu orders into a scannable code that can be transmitted directly to the point-of-sale system, eliminating the need for verbal communication and ensuring accurate order fulfillment. With our solution, customers can easily and quickly place their orders and enjoy a seamless ordering experience.

Our approach not only benefits those with communication barriers but also anyone who values speed and efficiency when placing orders. By eliminating the need for verbal communication, our application streamlines the ordering process and enhances the overall customer experience, creating a better experience for everyone involved.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to create an inclusive and accessible ordering experience for all customers, regardless of their abilities or needs. We aim to simplify the ordering process and eliminate the stress and anxiety associated with traditional ordering systems. Through our innovative use of QR code technology, we strive to empower customers to place orders with ease and convenience, while also helping businesses to improve their operational efficiency and enhance their customer experience.